Where can I charge my electric car in Cairns?

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, finding convenient charging locations in the Cairns area is becoming a primary concern for EV owners. Luckily, Cairns and Far North Queensland have over ten charging stations available for public use, making it easy to keep your EV charged and ready to go.

Cairns has become a major EV charging point on the Queensland Electric Superhighway, the world's longest electric superhighway in a single state. As part of this initiative, six new charging stations were installed around Cairns and Far North Queensland in the last couple of months. These stations can service all EV models and are located at key tourism attractions such as Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Hartley's Crocodile Farm, and Historic Village Herberton.

Additionally, Cairns already had a number of free Tesla charging stations prior to the installation of the superhighway stations. Hotels like the Cairns Sheridan Hotel and the Pullman Reef Casino offer free Tesla charging for their guests. Cairns Bus Charters has also become the only Cairns business to offer a Tesla car service, complete with a Tesla workshop and charging station.

While EVs were previously less common in Cairns, the prices of the vehicles have been dropping, and their range is increasing, making them more viable for those looking for environmentally friendly transport. According to research, most EVs can travel around 150km before needing a recharge, with Tesla's Model S capable of traveling around 400km on a single charge.

Cairns and Far North Queensland have over ten charging stations available for public use, including free Tesla charging at select locations. These charging stations can service all EV models, and new stations have been installed at key tourism attractions as part of the Queensland Electric Superhighway initiative.

Tesla Charging Stations in Cairns and Surrounds

PDF Download: Tesla Charging Stations

In Cairns:

  • Pullman International
  • Pullman Reef Casino
  • Sheridan Hotel Cairns
  • Council Carpark Near Shangri-la Cairns
  • Crystal Brook Riley
  • Cairns Central Shopping Centre

North of Cairns:

  • Cairns Skyrail - Smithfiled
  • Hartleys Crocodile Park
  • Mossman Gorge
  • Pullman Palm Cove
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Pullman Port Douglas
  • Oaks Port Douglas

South of Cairns:

  • Paronella Park
  • Innisfail Anzac Park
  • Cardwell
  • Tully
  • Coffee Works Mareeba
  • Atherton Hinterland Motel
  • Historic Village Herberton
  • Park House Yungaburra

You can find your closest EV charging station using this Map: EV CarCharging Stations in Australia - Maps & Addresses (myelectriccar.com.au)

  • Play Store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chargefox.android&hl=en_AU
  • App Store - https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/chargefox-ev/id1293614477?mt=8

Cairns Luxury Car Hire does not accept responsibility for charging the Tesla. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the car has sufficient charge to reach their destination and return. Please note that charge locations are subject to change.

To use Chargefox Stations, you must have the app installed, and the links to download it can be found above. Alternatively, Tesla can be charged using a regular household power point.

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