Luxury car hire in Cairns - treat yourself to the 2021 Mercedes AMG SUV today!

Whether it’s for business, holidays, day tripping or a celebration, why not treat yourself to a luxury car hire in Cairns? You can be one of the first to drive our latest purchase – the fabulously awesome 2021 Mercedes AMG SUV.

This is the flagship of the Mercedes AMG SUV range and just oozes strength, power and performance. It’s even got seven seats! It also comes with superior comfort, top-level safety features and expert handling and seven seats! Did we say seven seats?

You might have guessed that we’re extremely excited about the newest addition to our fleet of rental cars in Cairns - not only because it’s a luxurious high performance Mercedes SUV, but it has seven seats! This means that even the largest families can travel in superior comfort and enjoy the rewards of hiring a luxury car rather than a minibus. The 2021 Mercedes AMG GLB35 SUV is a high-spec SUV that’s designed for families.

So let’s take a look at what the 2021 Mercedes AMG SUV offers your family.

Engine and performance

This SUV starts with a 2.0L, 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine that puts out 225kW/400Nm and reaches 100km/h in 5.2 seconds. Then there’s the 8-speed automatic transmission (with metal paddle shifters if you prefer to shift gears yourself) and high performance suspension. These features make it a breeze to drive our winding, sun-kissed, coastal roads or climb up into our world famous Atherton tablelands.

You’ll also notice that the steering is comfortably responsive, which is perfect for driving in town or along our country roads. The all-wheel drive system makes this SUV the ideal Cairns car rental for taking your family on holiday in north Queensland and keeping them safe on the road.

Safety features

With a 5-star ANCAP safety rating (2019), Car hire Cairns doesn’t come much safer than the 2021 Mercedes AMG SUV. That’s because it comes with adaptive cruise control which is ideal for our long stretches of highway, as well as 360-degree cameras to make parking a breeze and a high performance breaking system. There’s even a lane keeping feature, which might not be to everyone’s taste but it’s still a great safety feature (you can easily switch it off and take control yourself).

The AMG SUV also houses nine airbags, autonomous emergency breaking and blind spot monitoring. The all-wheel drive system makes taking curves and driving in the rain stress-free and the suspension ensures a solid and safe ride even on bumpy roads with potholes.

Luxurious comfort

Unlike other standard SUVs, the dashboard of the Mercedes 2021 AMG GLB35 Cairns rental car has a solid feeling with two large 10.25” HD screens (controlled via twin trackpads on the steering wheel). The central screen is touch sensitive which is a feature that’s long been needed with this technology.

The infotainment takes up one of the screens and offers crisp graphics and satellite navigation. Then there’s wireless phone charging, seven USB-C ports, nine-speaker sound system with DAB+ radio, heated and cooled front seats and a panoramic glass sunroof. The 2021 Mercedes AMG SUV also comes with Lugano leather seats, brushed stainless steel pedals, sports exhaust and flat bottomed steering wheel that’s covered in luxurious Nappa leather.

What about legroom?

Now we come to the topic of legroom because we know that Cairns car rentals need to have as much space as possible for large families. The fact that the second row seats are on rails is ideal – meaning that they can be moved backwards or forwards giving everyone sufficient leg room, even those in the third row. There is oodles of storage space in the boot area however if all seven seats are occupied, storage in the boot area is significantly reduced, though if it’s just the two of you in the front of the Mercedes SUV, then you gain access to the space of a minivan!

What’s the energizing comfort control?

The 2021 Mercedes AMG SUV even has an energizing comfort control for passenger wellness - it networks climate controls, seat heating, music, massage, ambient lighting and air fragrances to give you the ultimate sensory experience. Just select the pre-set program that suits your mood and get ready to be relaxed – perfect for little tantrums in the back row!

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If you like the practicality of a family SUV but want more performance and luxury than a standard wagon, then the 2021 Mercedes AMG GLB35 is your perfect car rental in Cairns, Australia. It’s agile on corners, balanced on bumpy roads and has the performance energy when it counts on the flat. Inside is sheer luxury and comfort with an awesome dashboard, heaps of technology and plenty of leg room

If you’re ready to book your luxury car hire in Cairns, call us on 0447 809 899 today.

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