2020 Ford Mustang R-SPEC V8 Rental in Cairns

From $519.00 Chauffeur Experience
From $698.00 Drive Experience
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Cairns Luxury Car Hire is proud to own an ultimate special edition Mustang R-SPEC (one of only 500 ever built that sold out in 24 hours) which is available for the self drive experience of a lifetime. This supercharged beauty is a real head-turner and the R-SPEC is a unique creation forged in collaboration with Ford Australia. Take the opportunity to tame one of the fastest and most powerful Mustangs Ford has ever sold in Australia and hire it to see the sights in Northern Queensland.

Vehicle Specifications
Model:  Ford Mustang R-Spec
Year:  2020
Transmission: Automatic
Seats:  4
Color:  Twister Orange
Body Type:  Fastback
Engine Type:  5L, V8
Mustang RSPEC Sports Car 4-Seater
Booking Requirements
Chauffeur driven or drive experiences
31 Joan Street Bungalow Cairns 4870
8am - 6pm Daily
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Cairns Luxury Car Hire is the longest running premium car rental company in Far North Queensland & Cairns inc Port Douglas. We specialise in luxury sports, muscle and elite car rentals, wedding cars, tours & corporate car hire services
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These cars are worth every cent - we loved every minute of driving/passenger our Mustang.
Darren Foad
Thanks to Merryn and the team. The car was immaculate and just the most perfect way to explore the area in stunning cabriolet weather! Will definitely hire again on our next trip!
Alexander Scott

Insurance Basic: $55.00 /Day Main driver - Additional Drivers $12 per driver 

Reduces excess $2300.00

  • Collison Damage 
  • Theft Protection 
  • RACQ roadside assistance 

Insurance Premium $65.00 /Day Main driver - Additional Drivers $12 per driver 

Reduces excess $1850.00

  • Collison Damage 
  • Theft Protection 
  • Windscreens, Tyers and lights 
  • RACQ roadside assistance

Cairns Luxury Car Hire will take the stress out of your car hire and deliver your luxury car right to the airport we have dedicated pick-up area approximately 30 meters from the airport door 

Airport pick up and drop off must be prebooked or are subject to availability 

Prices start from $95 but may vary: 

  • If pick up time of pick up or drop are outside of business hours
  • Public Holidays
  • Domestic or International Airport

Contact the friendly team at Cairns Luxury Car Hire to enquire about our all-inclusive packages including luxury car hire, insurance and VIP airport pick up and drop off.

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From $519/day
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The R-SPEC Mustang Hire Experience
Luxury car hire cairns

Built for experienced drivers who can appreciate and handle the Mustang R-SPEC’s limited edition features and extra power in Northern Queensland as part of a premium car hire experience.

  • Luxury: Like all premium super-cars it comes with a level of comfort, technology and safety that can only be experienced in real life. Also, a unique opportunity to drive a bespoke, legendary and never to be repeated, iconic muscle car
  • Performance: One of the main reasons people hire the R-SPEC Mustang is its amazing amount of raw power. Acceleration is 0 - 60 mph in 3.9 seconds from its 5-litre Roush supercharged V8 engine that delivers an eye-watering 700 horsepower that Northern Queensland’s roads were designed for.
  • Style: All Mustangs have an inherent, timeless muscle car style to them, the R-SPEC Mustang is no exception with rockstar good looks in unmissable orange and black plus that unmistakeable Mustang sound

Whether for a luxury car hire, corporate business trip, formal occasion or a tour, the Mustang R-SPEc will create memories you will never forget.


Only 500 made. Each vehicle is numbered and badged. The styling is sleek, from exterior black treatment to the interior. Our R-SPEC will put a smile on your dial and that of everyone you drive by.


Mustang R-SPEC. Ford Performance Supercharged 5.0L V8, 6-speed manual transmission and fuel injectors that are 60% larger than those in a standard V8. It’s a Mustang with 700 horsepower.


Our Cairns Mustang R-SPEC car hire can be booked for weddings, formals and special occasions. We also offer a unique 2-hour guided drive, see below for more or give us a call 0447 809 899.

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Cairns Mustang R-Spec Wedding Hire

From $519
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2020 Mustang R Spec 26 min

Cairns Mustang R-Spec Formal Hire

From $519
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V8 Mustang R-SPEC $698 for two hour guided drive experience

Meet in the city and get ready for an experience of a life time. Jump into the driver’s seat and feel the resounding thunder of this Australian supercharged American muscle car. The stable is open. Your choice of cruising the stunning coast road, the Great Barrier Reef Drive, north to Port Douglas, or west hugging the curves of the Gillies Range up into the beautiful green hills of the Atherton Tablelands.

The 2-hour guided driving experience can be booked by drivers over 30 years of age. No where else in the world can you get yourself behind the wheel of this limited edition V8 MUSTANG RSPEC. There’s room for one passenger, as well as our representative. Priced from $698 which includes fuel and Cairns CBD hotel pick-up. There are no online bookings for this package, so you will need to contact us directly on 0447 809 899 or [email protected]

Cairns Mustang R-Spec Car Hire, Is Just Legendary

Nothing else offers the unique combination of classic style and
exhilarating performance quite like the Ford Mustang R-Spec.
Known all over the world for its unmissable sound,
you can hear this beast coming from a mile away.

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Ford Mustang R-SPEC V8 Features

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Here are some of the key features of our Herrod Mustang:

  • Black Leather Interior
  • Pure 6-Speed Manual Transmission
  • 4 Driving Selectable Modes
  • Unique Alloy Wheels
  • Lowered Suspension
  • Quad-TIP Exhaust
  • 5 Litre V8 Engine
  • Individually Numbered
  • Calibrated Roush Supercharger
  • R-SPEC Suspension

If you want to feel the tropical wind in your hair, as you explore Cairns and Northern Queensland, contact us to book the Ford Mustang R-SPEC V8 today.

Why Choose Cairns Luxury Car Hire?

Apart from some of our exclusive vehicles, people chose us because of the overall outstanding experience we provide, every time:

  • Longest Running - Cairns Luxury Car Hire is the longest-running luxury car rental company in Northern QLD
  • Exclusive Cars - We have cars that simply cannot be rented anywhere else
  • We Own All Our Own Vehicles - Ensuring better availability, quality & maintenance standards
  • Latest Generation Cars & Models - All kept in pristine condition by our in-house detailer
  • Outstanding Customer Experience - Our whole business is based on providing an exclusive luxury experience, every time
  • In-House Insurance - We have our own impeccable in-house insurance for the best possible peace of mind
  • Amazing Tours - We offer some amazing single-day and overnight tours to get the most out of your luxury car experience
  • Highly Experienced - We have over 25 years of experience in tourism and hospitality ensuring you get the most out of your experience
  • Impeccable Reputation - We have an amazing reputation and excellent reviews built up over time
  • Safety Standards - All our vehicles are maintained to the dealership standards with no modifications as your safety is of prime importance
  • Airport Pick-Up & Drop-Off Available - You can pre-book airport pick-up and drop-off allowing you to maximise every moment with your car


Is airport pick-up & drop-off available?

Yes, absolutely! you can book airport pick-up & drop-off as an add-on when making your booking (it must be pre-booked). Subject to availability, you can pick up and drop off just 30 metres from Cairns airport entrance for maximum convenience meaning you get to make the most out of every minute of your luxury car hire experience

What does airport pick-up cost?

Airport pick-up and drop-off prices start from as little as $95 and must be pre-booked. Prices may vary slightly if times or dates are outside of normal business hours, are on public holidays and whether it’s at the domestic or international airport

Is there anywhere I cannot go?

When driving the R-SPEC Mustang you can’t go north to Daintree Village so you cannot cross the barge at the Daintree River, South to Townsville or West to Herberton. Don’t worry, this still leaves thousands of miles to explore in Northern Queensland

How many km can I drive per day?

You can drive 250 km per day with the R-SPEC Mustang with just an additional $0.88 per extra km if you need more time with your car

What is covered by the insurance?

Please take a look here at our frequently asked booking questions. All insurance covers basics like:

- Collision Damage 
- Theft Protection 
- RACQ roadside assistance

But this can be upgraded at the time of booking. If you have any questions then please give us a call

What are the rental requirements?

Please take a look here at our conditions for rental. They are very simple and most people qualify allowing most people to experience the luxury of hiring a sports car

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Cairns Luxury Car Hire is the longest running premium car rental company in Far North Queensland & Cairns inc Port Douglas. We specialise in luxury sports, muscle and elite car rentals, wedding cars, tours & corporate car hire services
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