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Mustang Car Hire Cairns

The Bullitt is back. Based on the 1968 movie featuring Steve McQueen, which turned 50 in October 2018. Ford only has 700 Mustang V8 Bullitt delivered in Australia. All of which were sold before even being released in Australia ensuring this American V8 muscle car will be a legend. Under its hood lies the most powerful cross-plane-crankshaft Coyote to date, making 345kw and 556nm of torque.

The additional oomph—6kw—over the 2019 Mustang GT’s 5.0-litre engine is courtesy of improved flow. Two components make the difference, and both of them come from the Shelby GT350. That car’s higher-flowing intake manifold with longer runners and its 6-percent-larger 87-millimetre throttle body (2019 5.0-liters use an 82- millimetre throttle body) combine with an open-element air filter to enable the deeper breathing. The Mustang V8 Bullitt engine shares its dual port- and direct-injection setup with 2019 models as well as its 12.0:1 compression ratio. It also takes advantage of the 2019 model’s greater-than-5.0 status (5038 cubic centimeters, up from 4951 in earlier versions). This all adds up to several small subpeak bumps in torque  before the shared 556nm peak. Of course, after that peak is where the Bullitt engine really shines, with as much as 15 more lb-ft than the GT.

The exhaust note is amazing. It relies on a recalibrated active exhaust as well as the the open-element filter.

The car comes in any transmission you like, as long as it’s, a six-speed manual, now fitted with active rev matching. It’s a sweetheart, too, snapping off smooth, precise shifts.

Mustang Hire Cairns

Can you imagine this is our rental car?

This machine shines, with immediate responses from its steering and brakes; only small, precise inputs are required to make impressive speed. Six-piston front Brembo calipers are part of the package,

The unique Highland Green paint makes the Bullitt Mustang stand out from the pack. Subtle chrome edging around the windows, and the removal of the Mustang emblem on the grill make this look mean.

Inside, the green stitching stands out, and the only Ford Mustang to come out with the pool cue gear knob. And this one is available for hire!

The Australian Mustang V8 Bullitt is fitted with the magnaride suspension. Making only one option available on this car – Recaro Seats.

The Mustang Bullitt is an amazing machine and will make your heart melt for the die hard car lovers.

Cairns Luxury Car Hire is the only rental business not only in Cairns, in Queensland, but Australia that has this available for Weddings, School Formals and self drive hire. Enjoy Mustang Hire Cairns

Treat yourself to this limited edition American Muscle Car, V8 engine of course!

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