Welcome to Zesty our new 2021 mini car rental Cairns!

Zesty is our mini car rental in Cairns and she’s ready to rock and roll! In an era when all you see on the roads are SUVs, it’s such a pleasure to sit behind the wheel of an old friend! Let's welcome to Zesty – the new addition to our fleet of luxury car hires in Cairns.

Zesty presents herself in a citrusy yellow body with beautiful gloss black stripes (and body accents of course). Her interior is a beautiful, soft leatherette that’s designed for ultra-comfort and she has a “YOURS” Union Jack soft top roof.

Zesty is a 2021 Mini Cooper S Convertible and she’s ready to zip lithely around Cairns and give you a taste of the 60s (beatniks, flower children and the miniskirt!) but in the comfort of 20201 technology.

Are you ready to go back to the future in our fabulous mini car rental in Cairns?

Zesty is a super fun car hire in Cairns

How many cars have you rented in your lifetime? How many of them were super fun to drive? Well, we guarantee that your life will be full of fun and frivolity when you zoom around town in Zesty, our refreshingly awesome super fun car hire in Cairns.

Just looking at Zesty makes you smile, from her classic lines, beautiful bodywork and her amped-up wheels to her luxury interior and her fabulously vintage, “YOURS” Union Jack soft top roof. Everything about our new 2021 Mini Cooper S Convertible brings a smile to your face.

Even other drivers and pedestrians laugh and wave when we drive around town in Zesty – it’s the type of luxury car hire in Cairns that makes you want to keep on driving and take her home with you!

What about performance and safety in the Mini Cooper S Convertible?

Well, Zesty, comes with so many great features that it’s difficult to know where to start. She has a top speed of 230 km/h and fuel consumption of 6.3 L/100 km. She has a Mini Twinpower Turbo 4-Cylinder petrol engine, 7-Speed Steptronic Sports Transmission with double clutch and paddle shift gear changes.

Zesty, our new and exciting mini car rental in Cairns also comes with an automatic start/stop function and keyless engine start, ABS braking system, cornering braking system, dynamic stability control, dynamic traction control and electronic differential lock control. Not forgetting the adaptive cruise control, city crash mitigation and pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, front and rear parking sensors, parallel parking assistant and reversing camera. Phew!

What about the media in our new mini car rental in Cairns?

Well, Zesty, our mini car rental in Cairns is fitted with a mini (pun intended!) navigation system with an 8.8” display screen. She also has real-time traffic information, a touchscreen monitor, a six-speaker Hi-Fi system, Bluetooth streaming, wireless Apple Carplay, DAB and digital audio radio, wireless charging and USB and 12V connections. There’s something for everyone!

Hitting the road in your luxury car hire in Cairns

Luxury car hire in Cairns doesn’t get better than Zesty! Just imagine zipping around the coastal roads in Cairns, enjoying the view when suddenly it starts to sprinkle a few drops of rain. Is it time to pop the top? Well, when the rain detector sensor turns on your windscreen wipers, you know it’s time to pop the top!

With the top up you can sit back and enjoy the automatic dual-zone climate control feature that keeps you comfortable all day long, whatever the weather.

So as you continue your road trip around Cairns, you’ll benefit from Zesty’s front-wheel drive that gives you plenty of traction climbing our twisty roads up into the Tablelands. She even has 4 doors, making it much easier for passengers to get into the back seats. However, room in the back is limited, as is storage space, but we’re talking about Zesty – the most fun-loving convertible in Cairns!

Should you select Zesty for your next car hire in Cairns?

There are bigger cars, faster cars and sportier cars in our fleet, but if you want something different, something that brings the fun back into your life, then Zesty is the car for you!

Who can say  No to a trip in such a stylish convertible? Zesty is fun, playful and exciting. Remember when you were a child? When you couldn’t wait to open your presents on Christmas morning? That’s just what it feels like when you slip behind the wheel of Zesty!


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Ready to book an exciting trip with Zesty, the most fun-loving, frisky and mischievous mini car rental in Cairns, call us on 0447 809 899 today.

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