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When it comes to hiring a single wedding car or even a fleet of wedding cars, Cairns Luxury Car Hire has listed a few tips that will enhance your selection process.

With popular locations in Cairns and Port Douglas, hiring a car for your special wedding day isn't just about fulfilling your transport needs; choosing the right wedding cars will add a touch of style and grace to your wedding day as well as being a memorable experience.

How many cars should we hire for our wedding day?

The number of wedding cars you’ll need obviously depends on how big your wedding party is. The minimum you'll need to hire is one car, which carries the bride and father of the bride to the ceremony.

If you are something sporty, our V8 Mustang convertible will suit you. Contrasting, a bit more room may suit our new Porsche Macan.

After the ceremony, one wedding car will be needed to transport the bride and groom to the reception venue.

Who travels with who?

Traditionally the bridesmaids and mother of the bride travel together in one car, with the bride and father of the bride travelling in a separate wedding car.
You may also want to arrange a Mustang or Porsche for the groom and the groom’s party to the wedding ceremony too. Of course, as with all wedding formalities, there are no rules and you should always do what works best for your wedding day!

How long do we have use of the car for?

Cairns Luxury Car Hire will let you have the wedding car for as long as you need it. Always look for companies that hire out their cars for only one wedding a day so you can relax without having to worry about any time restrictions. Make this one of the top questions to ask when make enquiries with wedding car hire.

Such flexibility maybe required if for example the ceremony is held in Port Douglas, and reception in Cairns.
If you hire a wedding car for 3 hours, but on the day decide you need 4 hours, just ask our friendly chauffeur and they will make such arrangements and accept payment.

Can we hire a car if our ceremony and reception are in the same place?

If you’ve got your heart set on a gorgeous Mustang or Porsche wedding car but don’t have a journey between your ceremony and reception, don’t worry you can still make the most of your wedding car.

We offer a special 'Champagne Run' around Cairns (or your other location), which allows the newly married couple a chance to slip away after the ceremony and spend some time alone together before rejoining their wedding party.

Bring your wedding photographer who will join the chauffeur in the car and we’ll take you to a chosen beauty spot for some extra photos. You therefore make better use of the Mustang or Porsche wedding car and the photographers time.

Our Mustang’s and Porsche’s are the perfect backdrop to take some beautiful wedding photography as well. A modern luxury car will really stand-out among your wedding photos, even if you're not using it to drive between venues. No need for a Hummer or limousine when you can hire our Luxury Porsche and Mustang.

Do all wedding cars come with a driver?

All our hire cars come with a professional chauffeur for your wedding day. Our chauffeurs are happy to help you out of the car in your wedding dress. Alternatively, you may wish to choose our self drive option. Utilising the car on your special day and also on your honeymoon.

What is the average cost of wedding car hire?

At Cairns Luxury Car Hire, our prices start from $199 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours per wedding car and increase depending on the model of car and how long your journey is. Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Mission Beach and tablelands occur relocation costs as discussed below.
Most wedding car hire is for 3 hours as a guide.

Will the distance of the journey effect the cost?

Cairns Luxury Car Hire will provide you a quote if you are after something a bit different. We do have relocation rates to Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Mission Beach and Tablelands. We don’t mind waiting and driving a few extra kilometres to make your wedding day special.

How can we save money on wedding car hire?

If you're on a budget, you could just hire one wedding car to take the bride and father of the bride to the ceremony. Several journeys with one wedding car could be made.

When will we need to pay for the wedding car hire?

Cairns Luxury Car Hire requires full payment to secure your wedding car hire booking.

Who decorates the car?

Cairns Wedding Car Hire will decorate the car for you so make sure you let your chauffeur know if you have specific decorations or wedding flowers you’d like to use. We decorate the Mustang or Porsche wedding car with wedding ribbon and bow colours to match your requirements.
Remember, this is your day, so just ask!

Which areas do you cover?

Cairns Luxury Car Hire travels from Mission Beach in the south, to Palm Cove, Port Douglas or the Daintree Rainforest in the North. Then we travel west to the tablelands areas such as Mareeba, Atherton, Malanda and more. And of course servicing Cairns.

How long should we allow to get to our wedding venue?

Make sure you leave plenty of time so even if you encounter any delays, you'll still arrive on time in your wedding car. Remember, that last 30 minutes before the bride and her party leave the house will rush by, plus wearing your wedding dress, so make sure you have all your timings for the wedding morning clearly worked out.

Getting in and out of a car in your wedding dress can also take more time than you expect so think about that too! Our chauffeurs are there to help, not just drive your wedding car.

When does each car need to arrive at the ceremony and the venue?
The groom’s party should arrive at least 45 minutes before the wedding ceremony so they are there in time to guide guests to their seats.
The mother of the bride should get to the wedding venue around 10-15 minutes before the ceremony, with the bride and father of the bride and bridesmaids arriving around five minutes before the service is due to start.

It is always better to arrive slightly early, rather than late – you can always kill some time by taking a short drive around the wedding venue.
You may want to factor in time for your wedding photographer to capture shots of our Mustang or Porsche wedding cars arriving and the bride and bridal party getting out too.

It's not polite to leave your guests waiting too long while you get your shots so take direction from your wedding photographer but think about adding an extra five minutes if you want these.

Roughly how long before the big day should we book our car hire?

Make sure you book your car as early as possible. Make arrangements nice and early to avoid any disappointment! There are limited cars based in Cairns. Ensure you get the Mustang or Porsche of your choice for your wedding day.

Should we get guest transport?

This is completely up to you and depends on the facilities - such as car parking spaces - at your Cairns or Port Douglas venues. Some couples opt to hire a limousine or Hummer with a chauffeur to take their guests between the ceremony and reception.

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Now you know everything there is to know about booking your wedding car with Cairns Luxury Car Hire. Make sure you check out our website for more information on our stunning Mustang and Porsche wedding cars.

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