The amazingly popular Ford Ranger Raptor 2022 joins car hire Cairns fleet!

To our car hire Cairns fleet, we've just added Australian-engineered and designed, the Ford Ranger Raptor 2022. It is one of the best 4-door Utes on the market. We are excited beyond belief to welcome this awesome 4WD to our fleet of car rentals in Cairns. You might have seen these Ford Ranger Raptors zooming about your town and looked at them with joy and a little envy.

Well, now you can experience the best of the best for as long as you want! All you need to do is contact us to arrange for the ultimate car hire in Cairns!

Ford calls the Raptor the ultimate performance truck and it’s not hard to see why! Few vehicles have excited Aussies like the Ford Ranger Raptor with everyone from tradies to 4WD enthusiasts.  Even families are loving the power, performance and luxury of this awesome truck. There’s no denying that the Ford Ranger Raptor was built for adventure!

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Is the Ford Ranger Raptor 2022 safe for families?

With nine airbags and a pair of Isofix child restraints in the back seats, it’s clear that Ford has safety as a priority. In fact, the safety features of the 2022 model have been significantly upgraded from previous models. These upgrades have been designed to give families, in particular, confidence on the road when touring or going off-road.

So the Ford Ranger Raptor comes with an autonomous emergency braking (ABS) system that also works when you’re reversing and includes cyclist detection and intersection assist for spotting pedestrians. Then there’s the adaptive cruise control that includes traffic light recognition software, front and rear parking sensors, lane-keep assist, road edge detection and a 360-degree camera.

That’s not forgetting the blind spot monitoring system that’s vital when towing camper trailers, caravans and boats. With all these safety features, the Ford Ranger Raptor is likely to be one of our most popular car rentals in Cairns!

Car hire Cairns loves this special interior

Let’s start with the bespoke steering wheel and the sports seats that Ford states are inspired by jet fighters – we think it’s the Lockheed Martin F22 Raptor! Then there’s satellite navigation, which is an essential feature for car rentals in Cairns, particularly for tourists. There’s also an expansive digital driver’s display screen for easy viewing with traditional analogue dials for speed and revs.

The infotainment comes with an 8.0-inch colour touchscreen, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as wireless phone charging. What makes it extra special is the dedicated off-road screen on the infotainment unit. This screen lets you view the Raptor’s status, such as pitch and roll when going off-road. Climate control has also been upgraded so that it’s faster and more efficient with new zone sensors and rear vents. There’s also a trailer light check on the dashboard so you can verify that these lights are working without getting out of the truck. Oh, and there’s plenty of storage space in the back with more under the rear seats.

What about the engine?

Ford states that this is the most powerful engine they’ve ever built and it’s made from the same high-performance material used in their NASCAR racing engines! It comes with a 3.0L V6 Twin-Turbo EcoBoost Engine that produces up to 292kW at 5650rpm and 583Nm at 3500rpm. There’s also the 10-speed automatic transmission but you can take control via the magnesium paddles on the steering wheel. Fuel consumption hits 11.5L over 100km, so its 80L tank gives you a range of 700km, which is ideal for tourists who want to enjoy the ultimate car hire in Cairns.

You might be excited to learn that the new Ford Ranger Raptor has 7 drive modes (normal, sport, slippery, mud & ruts, sand, Baja and rock crawl). It also has 4 exhaust modes (quiet, normal, sport and Baja), 3 damper modes (normal, off-road and sport) and 4 steering modes (normal, comfort, sport and off-road).

Come take a drive with your car hire Cairns

The Raptor is so comfortable that you tend to forget that you’re sitting in a Ute. You’ll forget that it’s one of our car rentals in Cairns and want to drive it home!

As far as driving is concerned, all of the upgraded features make you feel safe and totally in control. The extra ratios provide the perfect gear for any situation and moving between gears is simply effortless. The suspension gives you a softer drive than you’d expect from a Ute, visibility is good and the reversing camera comes into its own when trying to position and connect the Ute to a trailer.

Active noise cancellation inside the cab gives you a surprisingly quiet ride and the comfortable seats make driving long distances a breeze. You can carry 350kg in the tray, so there’s no worry about storing your suitcases!

Should you hire the Ford Ranger Raptor 2022?

Yes! The Ford Ranger Raptor 2022 is built to last! It’s a rock-solid Ute that’s great for driving around town, swinging down our country roads or heading off for a day with your 4WD mates. If you want to feel like King of the Road and keep your family safe and comfortable during your holiday, then it’s time to book the ultimate car hire in Cairns!

For more information on car rentals in Cairns, call us on 0447 809 899 or BOOK ONLINE today.

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New Ford Raptor 2022

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