The advantages of online bookings for car hire customers

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Whether you need a car rental cairns in Cairns car rental for business or pleasure, it’s good to know that you can quickly book online and then carry on with your busy day. Maybe you need a hire car because your own vehicle is off the road and it’s more convenient to drive a car around Cairns than get a cab or bus for a few days?

Maybe you’re booking a holiday in Cairns or visiting friends and prefer to be independent? Maybe you’re looking forward to a few road trips on your holiday? You might even need a hire car for an event, such as a significant birthday, anniversary or work related celebration (maybe a well-deserved retirement?).

Whatever your reason, it’s so much easier to book online, rather than visiting cairns car rental outlets in Cairns car hire to compare vehicles, T&Cs and prices. After all, most of do our shopping and banking online, so hiring a car online is just normal!

At Cairns Luxury Car Hire, online bookings have been steadily increasing over the past few years. This means that we now have a streamlined system and software program that deals quickly and efficiently with your booking. It even makes it easier for our customers to compare vehicles and prices between different car hire cairns companies in car hire Cairns car hire (but remember that we always have the best cars and deals!)

However, if you’re still not convinced that there are any advantages to booking your hire car online, here’s a few reasons given to us by our customers, (but you can still visit us and book your hire car at our Cairns car hire office).

Quick and easy process

We bank and shop online because it’s quick and easy and we fit it in our schedule without leaving our desk. We can even shop or bank online using our smart phones while we are on the bus, sunning ourselves at the beach or waiting to pick the kids up from school. Buying anything online is just so easy, so it’s no surprise that booking a car hire Cairns from anywhere around the world is just as easy. All you need is an internet connection to make a booking – which is great when there’s no hire car outlets within shouting distance of your location.

No middlemen

When you book online via our website, you deal directly with Cairns Luxury Car Hire. There’s no middleman who might add on a little commission on top just for themselves, instead you get the best prices every time. When you deal directly with us, you’ll also receive the most up-to-date information and can even send us an email or phone us to qualify one or two points. Dealing with the vendor or in our case, the rental car providers, is the best way to feel confident about the process. That’s because there’s no chance of miscommunication or misinformation as nothing goes through a third party. It’s always safer to deal directly with a car rental cairns company in Cairns car hire !

Book anytime

When you book online, time doesn’t matter. You can be an insomniac sitting at your computer at 3am in the morning and still book a luxury rental car for your holiday, celebration or business meeting. You can be sitting on the bus on the way to work in the morning, jogging along the beach or sat in a dentist’s waiting room. Wherever you are, 24/7, you can still book a hire car, even if you’re in your pyjamas!

Immediate confirmation

As with all online bookings, our customers receive an immediate confirmation of their booking. This means that you’re guaranteed the vehicle of your choice and can move onto organising your holiday or other celebration in the full knowledge that you have a cairns car hire ready and waiting in Cairns hire car. All that’s left to do is pick it up at the prearranged time and place!

Select your pickup date

When you book online, you have a whole calendar at your fingertips. Real-time availability means that in the unlikely event that your preferred vehicle isn’t available on your specified date, you can easily check which vehicles are available and book it quickly. The earlier you book, the greater are the chances that the car you prefer will be available, so we always advice our customers to book online as soon as you have a firm date. This way you won’t be disappointed!

Easy and secure payment system

Our secure online booking software ensures that all payment transactions are private and protected. Our SSL certificate (https://) ensures that your transactions are encrypted and we are PCI complaint (Payment Card Industry). We also limit the number of steps it takes for you to process your payment, because we know how annoying it is to go through multiple pages just to make a simple payment!

Over the years we have found that customers much prefer to book their hire vehicles online because it’s quick, easy and convenient.

To find out more about car hire in Cairns, contact us today on 0447 809 899.

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