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Below we have highlighted some of the essential information you’ll need when you plan your luxury car hire Cairns.

Requirements for Car Rental Cairns

You can hire a car from the age of 28, for one of Cairns Luxury Car Hire unique rental cars.
You’ll need a full, valid car licence in English. You will need to present this when picking up your hire car.
A valid Credit Card – your luxury car hire Cairns will require this for security reasons. Cairns Luxury Car Hire requires a bond of $1,000 for each of our hire cars.

And are there any essentials to be kept in the rental car?

To make the most of your drive around Cairns, Port Douglas, or further afield, we have a few suggestions to keep you comfortable in the car.

Remember to bring a hat wherever you go. This is particularly useful when you are in our V8 Convertible Mustang hire car.
Keep hydrated in the Cairns climate. Bring a water bottle and cooler bag, or stop at the many locations such as Kuranda and Port Douglas for a rest and refreshments. The team at Cairns Luxury Car Hire are always pleased to offer some advice for locations to stop off when you are enjoying your luxury car hire.

Sunscreen is also advisable when you are out of the rental car and walking around. Although please don’t get it on the leather interior of our luxury cars.

Pack a towel! You never when you might want a dip in one of the many waterfalls, the ocean, or the swimming holes at Mossman Gorge. A number of falls may also be found south of Cairns.
It’s also useful to keep the hire car company contact information with you too…you never know!

Porsche Macan Hire Car Cairns

Rules of the road in Queensland.
Stick to the speed limits! Cameras and police frequent Cairns and Far North Queensland roads. They are extremely strict with enforcing speeding rules and all infringements will be passed onto the driver, along with a processing fee. (your Cairns car hire provider has your details…!). There are signs as soon as you leave the airport.

It’s also worth mentioning that speed limits vary depending on the location, so here is a little overview of what is best to stick to;
Highways = 100km p/h
Cairns and Town Driving = 40-60km p/h. keep an eye out to see what speed zone you are in.
You drive the car on the left – and remember to keep to the left on dual lane roads in Queensland.

Where can I take my Cairns Luxury Hire car?

Due to our variety of luxury hire cars, the areas where you can travel vary.
V8 Mustang Car Hire Cairns – Outside of Cairns, our V8 Mustang hire car is restricted to the Daintree Village in the North, Undara Lava Tubes to the west, and Townsville to the south. This is mainly due to the lower ground clearance of this hire car. But definitely only travel on sealed roads.

Porsche Car Hire Cairns – For those wishing to explore the Daintree Rainforest, this maybe the luxury car hire for you. Our luxury Porsche Macan cars are permitted up to Cape Tribulation in the North. Although still only permitted on sealed roads. Stop in and visit Daintree Ice cream factory for a rest stop. Our western and southern boundaries are the same as our V8 Mustang Hire.

Raptor 4WD Hire Cairns - Destinations you can go in the Raptor 4WD car hire include the primeval Daintree Rainforest and backroads of the Atherton Tablelands. Hit the hills on the Forest Mountain Bike Park or cruise in luxury to the Cathedral and Curtain Fig Trees. Whilst our Cairns 4WD Hire car is permitted on unsealed roads, please note there will be a cleaning fee of $220 applied at the end of your hire if you venture onto the dirt!

Please note, we don’t have a hire depot at the Airport, however we can pick you up and drop you off (subject to availability). Our luxury hire cars are based at our depot near the centre of town.

Cairns 4WD Hire

Our Top Tips
– Don’t Drink and Drive! This seems obvious, but the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05 when driving a car. You can face anything from an on the spot fine to imprisonment for committing this offence. Infringements may also void your car hire insurance.
– Familiarise yourself with the road sign meanings before you venture out with your luxury car hire
– If you do plan a road trip outside of Cairns, please check the mileage restrictions on your luxury hire car! Also the permitted boundaries as previously mentioned. Cairns Luxury Car Hire permits upto 250 km per day when rental is 1-6 days. Weekly km rate is a total of 1,000km. Additional km are charged at $0.88 per km.
- Ask us if you require a luxury Airport pick up or drop off in one of our cars.
Enjoy all that Cairns car hire has to offer, and we are sure that you’ll be back for more!
So why not treat yourself to one of our special hire cars.
Ask for forgiveness, not permission!

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