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Now that we are hopefully coming to the end of the COVID crisis in Australia, the team at Cairns Luxury Car Hire thought that we should do something special for our customers. After giving this a great deal of thought, we came up with the idea of introducing the latest NFC technology into one of our Cairns rental cars (more about this soon).

Taking this idea one step further, we thought it would be awesome if we could have a one of a kind luxury car rental designed specifically for our customers. So we reached out to Rob Heron who is Dick Johnson’s racing manager in Melbourne and he was more than happy to design an exclusive 2020 Kona Blue Mustang exclusively for Cairns Luxury Car Hire. This very special high performance sports car has now joined our fleet of luxury Mustangs that you can hire for a special event or just because you can!

The 2020 Kona Blue Mustang includes cutting edge technology with no expense spared on the detailing. In fact, it’s the only car like it in the world and it’s at Cairns Luxury Car Hire! It’s not only been designed exclusively for us, but we are the only car hire in Cairns and in the world to include NFC technology into a hire car! Whilst this is the first vehicle with NFC in our fleet, you can be sure it won’t be the last!

What is NFC technology?

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a set of protocols that allows communications between two devices over very short distances (4cm or less). It’s designed to bootstrap wireless connections and you already make use of this technology by using tap and go with your credit or debit card when paying for purchases.

Since it doesn’t use an internet connection for communications, NFC technology has a wide range of applications. For example, it’s used by Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paywave and Samsung Pay (Samsung uses NFC tags in their phones and watches for contactless payments). Embedded in ID badges it’s used to allow entrance to secure areas (you just swipe your ID and a door opens) and you can also attach an NFC tag to certain assets and it will store information regarding the item (purchase date and cost, last scheduled maintenance, etc.).

Future uses of NFC tags could include storing information about displays in an art gallery or museum that can be assessed by swiping your phone over an NFC tag. Also restaurants can deliver contactless menus to a diner’s phone when its swiped over an NFC tag embedded in a table. Another use of NFC tags is wireless pairing and that’s what we have used in our luxury Kona Blue Mustang car hire in Cairns.

How is the NFC tag used in our Kona Blue Mustang car rental in Cairns, Australia?

Our Kona Blue Mustang has all the bells and whistles you associate with a luxurious prestige car – one that turns heads as you hit the road in style. It even comes with the latest in technology – an NFC tag that lets you know everything that’s important about your hire car in Cairns. That’s because, as soon as you swipe your smartphone over the NFC tag in the car you have access to an amazing array of information that includes:

  • How to open and close the convertible’s roof.
  • How to use the phone connection.
  • How to use the in-built navigation and GPS.
  • How to adjust the seats for additional comfort.
  • How to refuel your Mustang, and much more!

This NFC tag was set up for us by Swipe-n-Like and it’s the latest in wireless technologies. Not all phones will be able to connect with this NFC tag, but you can check your device’s connectivity on the Swipe-n-Wipe website. The NFC tag is made from a durable and lightweight plastic board that’s waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. It has no moving parts and requires no batteries, so it’s the ideal technology for our exclusive Kona Blue Mustang - the newest addition to our fleet of prestige Cairns car rentals.

Treat yourself to a unique car hire in Cairns with the Kona Blue Mustang 2020

Car hire in Cairns has reached the pinnacle of success with our exclusive 2020 Kona Blue Mustang with NFC technology. Beautifully presented, inside and out, this is the car that is dressed to impress and will fulfill all your dreams. If you want an exhilarating experience, not just a ho-hum ride, then this is the car for you!

Cairns Luxury Car Hire is the only place in the world where you can hire this car! Delivering power, performance and prestige, our 2020 Kona Blue Mustang can be hired for a day, weekend or for as long as you want. If you yearn to put the pedal to the mettle and feel the roar of a legend that is the Mustang Convertible, then this car ticks all the boxes and more!

So why not jJoin an elite club and drive this unique and one of a kind high performance car rental. Luxury doesn’t come much better than this!

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