How Rental Car Insurance Works in Cairns, Australia

When you rent a car in Cairns and Australia you are, by default, 100% liable for all damage to the hire car, and any damage to other cars or property.

The only liability that you don’t have to worry about is that from injuring another person. This is always covered by the compulsory CTP insurance required on all rental cars in Australia.

If your thought your own car insurance is confusing, hire car insurance policies add an extra layer of complexity.

Most hire car cairns businesses offer their own in-house excess reduction option.


Whether you are picking up your car from Cairns airport, or a Cairns city location, one constant question on your mind will be ‘what about car hire insurance?’


Here at Cairns Luxury Car Hire, we find better value for our customers by suggesting they utilise 3rd party providers such as in this article.

The policy we provide is governed by our own rental car insurer, and this dictates some terms on our car rental agreement such as a standard $5,000 excess and minimum drivers age limit 28 years. Car hire bond requirements of $1,000 required.


Cairns car hire industry has come a long way. Not just offering cheap car rental such as Hyundai, how about try a V8 Mustang Convertible, Porsche Macan, or the Ford Performance Raptor 4wd hire.


Our luxury car hire Cairns policy also has a number of common exclusions, such as windscreens, tyres and underbody damage. So how can you cover yourself for this?


The below comparisons of car hire insurance is courtesy of and published with their consent.

Cairns Luxury Car Hire has no commercial agreement with Ridehacks and is their assessment of some of the more popular rental car insurance policies available.


Please be advised to consider your own circumstances when choosing a policy. This is for information only as some details can change. Always check the insurers PDS for the latest information.


As these are 3rd party policies, the hirer is still responsible for the insurance excess, and required to submit any claim with the insurer below.

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