Drive a Porsche Macan in Cairns Today - Exclusive to Cairns drive the Porsche Macan 2022

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Drive a Porshe Macan Cairns Today.

At Cairns Luxury Hire Car, we know that our clients appreciate only the very best car rentals cairns, which is why we have just taken delivery of a superstar car!

If you want to add a little sparkle to your day, then the brand new Porsche Macan 2022 will definitely bring a smile to your face! Exclusive to Cairns Luxury Car Hire – we are the first car rental in Cairns to offer this awesome SUV to our customers. Just imagine hiring a Porsche for the day, let alone a model that’s top of its class and just on the market! You’ll be one of the first to take this beauty for a spin in Cairns!

What’s so great about the Porsche Macan 2022?

Well, obviously, it’s a Porsche, so that just about explains why you would want to hire it in the first place. However, as you might expect, the Porsche Macan, despite being a phenomenal worldwide success, has been updated, so that it’s even better than its predecessors. It’s got more power, more chassis technology and more upgrades included in the standard model than ever before.

It’s no  surprise that as the Macan’s third upgrade since 2014 the updates have been eagerly anticipated. So let’s take a look at some of the upgrades you can expect when you hire the Porsche Macan 2022 at Cairns Luxury Car Hire.

Not much to see!

If you park the original Porsche Macan from 2014 side by side with the 2022 model, there’s not a lot to see. There’s no startling changes with the SUV’s exterior, because, after all, you don’t need to fix perfection! The changes that do matter are all under the bonnet and that’s where you’ll notice the differences.

At Cairns Luxury Car Hire , we have noticed that there have been a few subtle upgrades to the Macan’s exterior, including a new front bumper grille, larger wheels, redesigned air ducts and splitter element. LED headlights have now been included across the range, even in the standard model, the back bumper has been reworked and there’s a new range of colours available.

The interior has also undergone a very subtle facelift including the dashboard - very subtle changes, because it looks practically the same as the previous model! The only discernible changes to the dashboard are that it now includes both analogue and digital gauges and has a 10.9 inch infotainment system with touch display, online navigation and Wi-Fi hotspot. One fun fact and a nod to the past is that it still retains the old style analogue clock in the dash!

There’s also a rotary drive mode controller on the steering wheel and a short gear stick that makes a satisfying noise when changing gears. The Macan still gives you the feel of a high-end sports car, even though it’s a SUV, which is one of the features that has made it so popular as a car rental in Cairns. So at first glance, you might wonder what all the fuss is about!

The magic is under the bonnet!

Well the Porsche Macan comes with a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a power and torque upgrade to 195kW/400Nm. This means that the Macan takes just 6.2 seconds to zip from 0 to 100km/h (0.3 seconds faster than the previous version) and has a top speed of 232km/hr (7km/h upgrade). It’s the perfect addition to our fleet of luxury car rentals in Cairns.

That’s because this mid-size SUV’s spry handling and agility on corners makes it the ideal vehicle for road trips around far north Queensland. With all-wheel drive, seven-speed dual clutch PDK transmission and a sleek body, this might be an SUV, but it’s clearly a classy Porsche!

The Macan is a sporty little number that’s competent on the roads and when you slip behind the wheel, feels like a smooth, sports sedan. It also offers lane change assist, reversing camera with front and rear parking sensors and surround view camera.

Why is the Porsche Macan the perfect luxury car hire in Cairns?

The  Porcshe Macan is a fun and exciting vehicle to drive and has enough room in the back for the kids. It’s a very practical SUV and can take the kids to school, sprint down the coastal roads for a day trip or turn heads as you arrive for a wedding or other wonderful celebration.

The latest upgrades to the Macan have produced a sleeker look, lower ride profile, updated interior, more colour choices and an enhanced performance. It’s a top-selling Porsche with five doors, five seats and with its sporty lines and sleek exterior, looks anything but an SUV.

Typical of Porsche, the Macan is a car that turns heads, delivers more than you expect and is a joy to drive. At Cairns Luxury Car Hire, we are happy to announce the arrival of the brand new Porsche Macan 2022  our cairns car rental fleet. Drive a Porsche Macan Cairns Today

To find out more about how you can drive a Posrche Macan Cairns today or book other car rentals Cairns, contact us today on 0447 809 899.

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