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Travelling to Cairns Tropical North Queensland Australia for a holiday soon? Or recently relocated to Cairns and wanting to know more about the region?... then this is the local region guide website you were looking for. Find all the things to do in Cairns, and things to see in the local region.

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Cairns Attractions is the ultimate Cairns Region Guide, all you need to know about Cairns in one convenient location; explore Cairns biggest iconic attractions, keep up to date with upcoming events, learn about Cairns history and what make's Cairns the perfect holiday destination in Tropical North Queensland.

There is so much to see and so much to do you will never want to leave our wonderful tropical paradise!

Cairns in Tropical North Queensland is one of Australia’s most popular ‘must visit’ destinations, as it is home to so many natural and precious gifts from ‘Mother Nature’ that have thankfully been protected over the years by green lobby groups.

Environmentalists have banded together over the years, campaigning against the government to ensure our natural environment including the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest are totally protected for future generations with a recognised “World Heritage” status from UNESCO.

We have fresh, unpolluted, clean air all year round with clear blue skies and sunshine, plus tropical temperatures that are perfect for spending endless days on our white sandy beaches that go on for miles and miles or spending countless hours exploring the local, freshwater swimming holes and breathtaking waterfalls.

Great Barrier Reef Australia

Millions of tourists from all over the world flock to Cairns annually to come and see the magnificent Great Barrier Reef that Sir David Attenborough himself says is the most amazing place on the planet with its diverse eco system and huge variety of marine life.

He said it is his personal, number one favourite place to visit and explore before anywhere else in the world, which is saying something as he has seen and experienced so much in his lifetime. 

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Daintree & Cape Tribulation Rainforests

Visitors also come to see the oldest rainforest in the world - the Daintree & Cape Tribulation rainforests. Brimming with unique tropical flora and fauna, this lush habitat is home to Boyd’s forest dragons, tree climbing kangaroos, sugar gliders, cassowaries, butterflies and tree frogs.

Pre-historic giant birds, man eating dinosaur crocodiles and the largest cockroach in the world also call this rainforest home, but these are best observed with a tour guide.

The Cairns region would definitely have to be one of the best places to visit in Queensland. The coastal township is nestled between two World Heritage areas, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, enjoying the best of both worlds.

It is a popular spot for honeymooners, weddings, families, nature-lovers, adrenaline-junkies, backpackers and anyone who loves the tropics.

It is also the perfect spot to base yourself, if you want to explore the reef or rainforest, go island hopping or enjoy a range of day trips from foodie tours through to wildlife encounters.

In fact, many A-list celebrities regularly choose to holiday in this region, seeking much-needed rest and relaxation in the nearby quiet, yet boutique beachside town of Port Douglas.

If you love a holiday that gets your heart racing and is go, go, go all the time, then you will find more than enough activities in the Cairns region to fill your itinerary. Adrenaline junkies are spoilt for choice with skydiving, bungee jumping, extreme white water rafting and scuba diving, and luxury car hire.

If it’s adventure you are seeking, there are definitely plenty of places off-the-beaten track to explore and get active. Hire a Kayak along the inland rivers or out on the open sea is incredibly popular, as well as river tubing with a guide.

You can also enjoy canyoning, mountain hiking, Kite Surfing at various locations, horse riding on the beach or through the rainforest, snorkelling, jungle surfing, mountain bike riding, bush walking and more. Many items available for hire.

Cairns Nightlife

After your day out in your Cairns Luxury Car Hire, when the sun goes down, Cairns comes alive and there is plenty to do if you want to enjoy the balmy evenings. You can take a sunset cruise down Trinity Inlet with a glass of wine, book a sailing dinner cruise, take a hummer ride around town, wander through the night markets and stop for a foot massage or visit one of the many restaurants and bars in town.

For something more unique why not enjoy Tjapukai by Night which is a fantastic dinner and Aboriginal show, Flames of the Forest dining experience, Cairns Dinner Theatre or you can book one of many wildlife spotting night tours and see by torch some of our nocturnal animals in the rainforest.

And if you are a night owl, there are plenty of nightclubs and live bands playing around town.

Cairns Cultural Parks & Attractions

If you are more into art, culture, food and wine, then you will love Far North Queensland. Those looking for a cultural experience won’t be disappointed as there are a range of foodie tours and cooking classes through the Atherton Tablelands, Aboriginal art classes, indigenous tours, guided walks through the Daintree Rainforest and the coffee trail through the Atherton Tablelands where most of the coffee growers are based.

You can learn how to throw a boomerang, pick up an authentic didgeridoo, buy locally-grown tea and coffee, sample a range of exotic, tropical fruits and learn all about traditional Aussie bush tucker.

Cairns is also an amazing place to learn all about indigenous culture and better understand tropical cuisine.

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Cairns Holiday Relaxation

The tropics is the perfect place to relax and unwind and Cairns has a wonderful laid-back vibe to it. Days can easily be spent by the pool, at the beach or cooling off at a local freshwater swimming hole. Maybe a game of golf or a spot of fishing might be more your scene, otherwise a cruise to one of the many island off Cairns.

And as the sun sets you can enjoy a glass of wine aboard a sunset cruise or wander around the night markets before stopping off for a massage and a bite to eat. The relaxed atmosphere and balmy weather in Cairns makes you feel like you are always on holidays…just ask the locals! Car hire is a great way to see things at your own pace

Cairns Romance

Honeymooners flock to Cairns and Port Douglas as it truly is one of the most beautiful destinations in Queensland. Deserted palm tree-lined beaches, tropical island resorts, luxurious treehouse resorts and sunset cruises against the backdrop of the Great Barrier Reef, provides an idyllic romantic setting and leaves a lasting impression.

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Cairns Wildlife Encounters

There are plenty of places to get up close and personal with the wildlife in Far North Queensland, it just depends what type of wildlife encounter you are after. There are many zoos and wildlife parks in the region specialising in Australian animals, butterflies, birds and reptiles, each one worthy of a visit.

Then there are a range of crocodile cruises on the Daintree River, nightly guided rainforest walks to spot nocturnal animals, boat cruises to the Great Barrier Reef, glass bottom boat and semi-submersible submarine cruises to observe the marine life on the reef and even a turtle rehabilitation centre where you can visit the turtles undergoing rehabilitation. Our Luxury car hire Cairns is a great way to get out and see some wildlife.

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