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Head south in your Cairns luxury car hire to the Innisfail Art Deco Festival. Then why not see as many sights as possible on the way? Let’s start with the Innisfail Festival and then check out some of the fabulous things to do on your road trip.

Innisfail Art Deco Festival in your luxury car hire

Held from 14th to 18th September 2022 in Innisfail, it’s just a 70-minute drive south. Jump in your Cairns luxury car hire to the Art Deco Festival and it’s definitely worth the trip. It’s no surprise that Innisfail celebrates Art Deco because the entire town was rebuilt after being devastated by a cyclone in 1918.

The popular architectural style at the time was Art Deco, so this was the prevailing design used for the rebuild. Today, Innisfail is still filled with Art Deco treasures and is recognised as the hub of Art Deco in Australia. The main streets display fabulous examples of French, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan and Angle-Saxon Art Deco buildings. So just park up your Cairns car hire and start taking in the glorious sights and activities!

Innisfail Art Deco Luxury Car Hire

 Innisfail Art Deco Robertson Bros Luxury Car Hire

You might be interested to know that Innisfail also suffered from cyclones in 2006 and  2011. Many of the original buildings were rebuilt again. Those that fared better during these two cyclones were restored, giving the entire town a renewed and vibrant Art Deco ambience. With a rich cultural heritage, the Innisfail Art Deco Festival is an event that you don’t want to miss!

Some of the events you can enjoy at this festival include:

  • Art Deco Heritage & Historical Tours.
  • Historical Cemetery Walks.
  • Innisfail & District Historical Museum.
  • Speakeasy Party Cruises.
  • Shire Hall Tours.
  • Champagne Mystery Movies.
  • Gals & Gangsters Basket Cabaret.
  • Jazz on Edith.
  • Fashion Parades.
  • Vintage Markets.

Cruise in your Cairns Luxury car hire to Mena Creek Falls

At the end of the Innisfail Festival, why not head further south in your Cairns luxury car hire to Mena Creek Falls? It’s just a short 20-minute drive through the countryside ending at the spectacular sight of Mena Creek Falls. Located in Mena Creek Environmental Park, entry is free and there are plenty of places to park your Cairns car hire.

It’s a picturesque spot that not only takes your breath away during the day but leaves you speechless when it’s all lit up at night. It’s the perfect place to visit on a sunny springtime day.

There’s a great picnic area and a suspension bridge that spans the falls and at the other end of the bridge is Paronella Park. This is a castle built by José Paronella who emigrated to Australia in the early 1900s. He purchased 13 acres of scrub in 1929. Over the next decade, he planted over 7500 tropical plants and trees to create a lush rainforest that still surrounds the castle he built today. He also built a hydroelectric plant. This station uses the water of the Mena Creek Falls to power Paronella Park.

Opened to the public in 1935, Paronella Park is a multi-award-winning tourist attraction. Apart from the glorious castle, there’s a tropical skywalk and guided tours during the day and evening. You can even stay on-site in one of their six cabins or at the caravan and camping ground.

While staying at Paronella Park, food is available from the fabulous Mena Creek Hotel. Just down the road in our one of a kind Herrod Mustang you can tuck into a delicious steak! They arrange their kitchen times so that you can dine before the evening tour at Paronella Park. How good is that!

Fishery Falls Hotel

Just a 50-minute drive north in your luxury car hire, heading back towards Cairns from Mena Creek Falls is Fishery Falls. With a population of about 140 people, you might miss it if you blink! But not if you're in our Mercedes E300 with the top down! Fishery Falls is composed of the Fishery Falls Holiday Park and the Fishery Falls Hotel.

Just a 40-minute walk from the Holiday Park is Fishery Falls, a sequence of waterfalls and freshwater pools with a stunning backdrop of tropical mountains. It’s a beautiful spot to stop and enjoy the scenery on your way back to Cairns in your luxury car hire. Then there’s the Fishery Falls Hotel where you can enjoy a hearty meal at their bistro or stay overnight in one of their air-conditioned rooms.

Wrights Creek Waterfalls

Another 20-minutes north towards Cairns in your car hire brings you to Wrights Creek. This is another small town with about 150 residents but it has wonderful hidden waterfalls that the locals love. So if you want to enjoy some private time that’s off the beaten track then a visit to Wrights Creek Waterfalls is a must!

You’ll find freshwater pools where you can take a dip under the rainforest canopy but you’ll need to adventure along winding dirt tracks to get there. With parts of the area nicknamed Fairyland by the locals, if you want to discover the rainforest and feel like an explorer, then Wrights Creek is worth the effort.

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