What are the best luxury rental cars for families?

In Cairns, we have two awesome luxury rental cars that are perfect for families. These are the Porsche Macan and the Ford Ranger Raptor. Just imagine spending your holiday driving around our wonderful state in the lap of luxury with a car that has all the power, performance and style you desire. That’s what every family deserves from their hire car in Cairns!

Let’s take a look at both of these vehicles so you can see what you get for your money. We even supply a chauffeur if you want to ramp up the excitement even further!

Porsche Macan car hire in Cairns

The awesome Porsche Macan SUV is available for hire exclusively through Cairns Luxury Car Hire. This is a car that overdelivers in every way imaginable. It will go off-road so you can explore our beautiful country in comfort and style but also loves to let rip on the wide open roads. With enough seating for five adults and a very roomy boot, the Porsche Macan is the ideal car hire in Cairns for your family.

It comes with a new 2.0 litre four-cylinder petrol engine and a seven speed dual clutch gearbox, panoramic roof and 21 inch RS Spyder wheels for a classy appearance. If you are looking for a family sized hire car that offers a racy performance, handsome styling and drives like a sports sedan, the Macan ticks all the boxes. With all-round competence on the road and a smooth ride, the Macan’s mix of sportiness and SUV practicality is perfect for families who like to live on the wild side, but also values safety on the road.

Ford Ranger Raptor 4WD car rentals in Cairns

The Ford Ranger Raptor 4WD is everyone’s dream car rental in Cairns. This is a very special 4WD Ute! It’s big on engineering, big on performance and big on power. The Raptor has an improved centre of gravity so it’s ultra-stable when you are off-road and hitting the 4WD tracks and is extremely safe and stable on uneven ground.

With lighter and more effective suspension, the Raptor is an entirely different beast to the normal Ranger. Compared to the WildTrak that everyone loves – it’s taller, longer, wider and heavier. It can tow up to 2500kg with a 758kg payload and with its 17 inch wheels and 33 inch all-terrain tyres you have a 4WD make in heaven!

For families, safety is always a priority and with the Raptor, you can have it all and keep your family protected on the road. That’s because the Raptor’s chassis and suspension is designed to handle better than the WildTrak at both speed and off-road. Then there’s the interior, which is smart not uber luxurious, but that’s not why you hire a 4WD car rental in Cairns!

No, you hire this beast because of its superior suspension and chassis that’s all due to the 2.5 inch shock absorbers that come straight from the racing industry and the Watts linkage live axle rear suspension that elevates the fun factor whilst keeping the car solidly grounded.

It also comes with lane departure warning sensors, traffic sign recognition, automatic headlights, keyless entry and start. The Raptor also lets you select your own ratios with the magnesium paddles on the steering wheel. So whilst it doesn’t have a lot of high tech gadgets like some other fancy 4WDs, it’s ideal for families that want to get out and about knowing that they are both safe and comfortable on the road. The Raptor offers one of the smoothest off-road rides in Australia and is an outstanding car hire in Cairns for your family.

Benefits of hiring luxury rental cars in Cairns

Not everyone rents a luxury car for their holiday or special event. In fact, some people have never even thought of hiring luxury rental cars, whether in Cairns or anywhere else. So let’s look at five reasons you might decide that car hire in Cairns is a great idea for your next holiday, anniversary, school formal or family get-together.

  1. No more buses and taxis: With your own rental car you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. There’s no more waiting for buses and expensive taxis, instead you can travel in style in your own luxury rental car in Cairns.
  2. Save on hotel bills: If you opt to stay at a hotel that’s not in the centre of town, you can save a significant amount of money that can be spent on a car rental and give you more freedom on the roads as well.
  3. Getting around is easy: With your own set of wheels, getting around Cairns, Port Douglas and everywhere else up here in the north is so much easier!
  4. Feel like a local: A rental car makes you feel like you belong here in Cairns, as if you are a local rather than someone who just popped in for a short trip.
  5. Treat yourself to a luxury ride: With luxury car rentals in Cairns you can treat your family to a prestige car that you could never afford to purchase yourself!

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